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S.O.S. Style

Breakout has got to be one of the most perfect pop records to come out of Manchester… but because Swing Out Sister didn’t gig, I had no idea…


The Hacienda In 1982

Written while Liz Naylor and Cath Carroll ran City Fun, this informative article is steeped in scepticism. Factory is viewed as corporate and highly suspect; men with lots…


Rafters vs Berlin

Rafters was a basement club in St James’ Buildings, Oxford Road (later called The Music Box.) The Rafters jazz-funk nights, DJ’d by Colin Curtis and John Grant from…

Danny Henry, Night & Day, Oldham Street, 1994/95

Danny Henry

Danny the Dancer is an unsung hero of the Manchester club scene; he’s been an inspiration on club dance-floors for decades, although he doesn’t go clubbing much these…


Berlin 80s Tuesday Nights

I don’t remember if this club night had a name! It was Hewan Clarke and Colin Curtis playing jazz-dance and soul, and when I discovered the night in…

Ad from City Life Magazine 1987

Black Rhythms

Accidental Musical Education @ Manchester Polytechnic Black Rhythms & Soul night at Manchester Poly in the mid-80s was a musically amazing club night, with a weird name which…