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Plot C

For 12 years there’s been one giant pin stuck into the life-size map of Manchester: the Beetham Tower, marking Deansgate’s south end and visible city-wide, guiding drivers to…



Popping up and vanishing like computer-game power-ups, Mobikes first came to Manchester in Summer 2017. Curious, I downloaded Mobike’s app to my phone, but found I couldn’t open…

henry-holland-martin-parr 8

House Of Holland Man

My 2012 “roots” prediction about London-based fashion designer Henry Holland was accurate: in 2016 he collaborated with documentary photographer Martin Parr on the presentation of his first menswear…


Who is Mayer Hawthorne?

I think I trod on his plectrum. Was it heart-shaped? Was it damaged by my black patent Doc Marten shoe? I hope so. For symmetry’s sake. You see,…


Antwerp Mansion

A still-standing building for a change… although this one looks like it’s falling down! (The staff assure me it isn’t. Apparently the owner’s best friend is a structural…


Doll Hospital

A room within the Imperial Hotel, on the site of the Malmaison Hotel, Piccadilly, was a Dolls’ Hospital during the 1980s, and doubtless for many years before that….


Aytoun Street Dole Office

Another gone building. This one, I was fond of. Although it looked like a monument to industrial decline, this building actually bank-rolled Manchester’s grassroots creative community throughout the…


The Wheel

These buildings are gone now… knocked down during 2013 to make way for yet another hotel. (Apparently Manchester needs lots of hotels to accommodate visitors who want to…


House of Cars

What do you get if you take the corner out of Cornerhouse? House? No, Home apparently… and now with more space, less character and a massive adjoining garage….


The Fat Huntsman

I’ve lived my life in the shadow of the name Grosvenor. My first address was Grosvenor Place; I studied art in Grosvenor Building; I met my husband in…


Shelf Life

I peroxided my hair for the first time a few weeks back, with one of those kits you can buy from the chemist for a fiver. I called…


Wilson & The Angry Brigade

Was Tony Wilson influenced by Situationism or was he just posing? (At the risk of harping on, this follows on from the previous post. Quotes are from The…