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A Tale Of Two Cities (Money’s Too Tight To Mention)

All we are hearing now are echoes from the musical explosions of the 20th century. Roger Eagle, 1994 Sit Down! Listen To This! is a book about the…


Jez Kerr

Last month, Jez Kerr, the lead singer and bass player of A Certain Ratio, released a new album “Numb Mouth Eat Waste” under his own name; I went…


Nicked from New York

Includes Text from ‘The New York Dolls’ by Morrissey (1981) Manchester & New York are very different cities but they have certain striking similarities: nineteenth-century architecture and infra-structure;…


The Tenth Event

I thought I went to the Festival of the Tenth Summer but I didn’t; I went to the ‘Tenth Event of the Festival of the Tenth Summer’, which…


Marcel King Reach For Love

By Geraldine I used to hear this fabulous record on “Sunset Radio”, normally on Sunday afternoons when I lived in Hulme in the 1980s, and I wondered who…