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House of Cars

What do you get if you take the corner out of Cornerhouse? House? No, Home apparently… and now with more space, less character and a massive adjoining garage….

July 2011

New Broadcasting House

The BBC began to consider proposals for a TV and radio headquarters in Manchester in 1953. In 1967, Manchester Corporation suggested the All Saints Oxford Road site and…


Cosgrove Hall 1976-2009

Last month, the old Cosgrove Hall building in Chorlton was finally knocked down after standing empty since 2008; as demolition began in November, Mark Hall, one of the…


Wearing Thin

Concerning Self Made, a film by Gillian Wearing OBE. Self Made was shown at Manchester Cornerhouse on Saturday September 3rd 2011 (and simultaneously in other cities across Britain.)…


The Wild Child’s Revenge

Concerning The Alcohol Years – a film by Carol Morley (2000) I enjoyed this film; thanks, Geraldine, for recommending it. In her mid-to-late teens, Carol Morley was notorious…


The Changes

I’ve had ‘Mind At The End Of The Tether’ by Tackhead going round in my head all day since putting together the last post. ‘Our nation is on…


The Oxford Road Show

By Geraldine In 1984 I found out that you could get in at the BBC, for free, to be in the audience of The Oxford Road Show. As…