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Carmel 1984

In January 1984, the second issue of City Life proclaimed the four great hopes of the Manchester music scene to be Carmel, The Smiths, The Fall and New…

Mole Express Issue 10

Fanzines & The Alternative Press

On Saturday March 3rd, as part of the Manchester Histories Festival, Dave Haslam gave a talk, A Brief Introduction to Manchester’s Alternative Music Magazines, at the Quaker Meeting…


Yargo – Carrying Mine – 1986

Can’t pay the rent Got no job Roof leaks bad Some folk want me dead Events they come And days go by People pray While others cry I’m…


The Tenth Event

I thought I went to the Festival of the Tenth Summer but I didn’t; I went to the ‘Tenth Event of the Festival of the Tenth Summer’, which…


The Fall & Michael Clark

By Geraldine I discovered The Fall when I went to see Michael Clark and his dancers performing in Manchester to a soundtrack by the group in 1984. The…