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Flyposters on Oldham Street, August 2012

Tweaked Kondratiev Cycle

Last month, this caught my eye outside Night & Day on Oldham Street… I thought: It looks like 1983! …black & white photos, the violinist’s short-back-and-sides and white…

Table Painting

Dave Pearson (1937-2008)

Dave Pearson was one of my tutors on the Manchester Art Foundation Course in the mid-80s. He taught in the Grosvenor Building, All Saints, from the mid-60s until…

Drop Collective


BLANKSPACE is an art gallery at the dead end of Hulme Street, five minutes walk from Oxford Road: The old ‘Moonfish’ building stands in the lee of the…


Cosgrove Hall 1976-2009

Last month, the old Cosgrove Hall building in Chorlton was finally knocked down after standing empty since 2008; as demolition began in November, Mark Hall, one of the…

1 Banners

Horse & Bamboo

In December 1984, while enrolled on Manchester Polytechnic’s Art Foundation Course, I spent a month working with Horse & Bamboo Theatre, along with half a dozen other students….