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Pankhurst In The Park

If Beetham Tower is a phallic landmark, then perhaps Alexandra Park is its yonic opposite. (I didn’t know the word “yonic” until I looked up “phallic opposite” just…


One Day wonder[ment]

Hosted by Alexandra Arts, One Day Wonderment was an ambitious art and film event in Alexandra Park, on the borders of Whalley Range and Moss Side, on Sunday…

Location of Plymouth Terrace, Sedgeborough Road, August 2012

Emmeline Pankhurst’s Birthplace: Alexandra Park Estate

In 1863, Slater’s Directory of Manchester and Salford listed Emmeline’s father, Robert Goulden, as head of the household at 8 Alpha Terrace on Sloane Street in Moss Side:…

Blue Plaque at 62 Nelson Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock M13 9WP

Neglected Pankhurst Legacy

Definition of suffrage 1 [mass noun] the right to vote in political elections – Oxford Dictionaries Online Emmeline Pankhurst is considered to be one of the most important…