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How Deep Is Your Love?

Barry Gibb visited my kids’ primary school yesterday… Oswald Road in Chorlton. He’s an ex-pupil. I’ve got 3 kids at the school but I only heard about the…


Cosgrove Hall 1976-2009

Last month, the old Cosgrove Hall building in Chorlton was finally knocked down after standing empty since 2008; as demolition began in November, Mark Hall, one of the…

Excerpt from

Sisters of Transistors

“Are there any tickets left for that Graham Massey thing?” Graham Massey is a local celebrity, having been in 808 State and worked with Bjork on her solo…


Hough End Hall

I went to school near Hough End Hall in the early 80s; I walked past it every day and didn’t really notice it was there. Then, in summer…


Bop Local

Around 1993-94, there was a monthly 70s night at the Irish Club in Chorlton, and it was great! They played disco, funk, punk, Bowie, Roxy Music, Rolling Stones,…