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Falcon Eagle Sea Hawk 2013

Avian Cull

The Tamworth Estate tower blocks lie within the borough of Trafford, even though they share the east side of Chorlton Road (B5218) with Manchester’s Hulme, M15. Their ‘brutalist’…


Feeling Sheepish

I bought this ticket on a friend’s recommendation in 2012, but have since realised that I don’t like Alt-J. Not only is their sound very contrived, but their…

July 2011

New Broadcasting House

The BBC began to consider proposals for a TV and radio headquarters in Manchester in 1953. In 1967, Manchester Corporation suggested the All Saints Oxford Road site and…

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1Xtra London Bias – Continued

Contains my correspondence with the BBC Email response from Chris Humphrys, Content and Schedules Manager, Radio 1 and 1Xtra Friday 4th November 2011 Thank you for your comments…


‘Urban’ = London?

Concerning Lowkey & Radio 1Xtra’s massive London bias. On my way to the Clarendon Road shops, I passed some lads on the corner and I asked them what…


The Changes

I’ve had ‘Mind At The End Of The Tether’ by Tackhead going round in my head all day since putting together the last post. ‘Our nation is on…