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Who is Mayer Hawthorne?

I think I trod on his plectrum. Was it heart-shaped? Was it damaged by my black patent Doc Marten shoe? I hope so. For symmetry’s sake. You see,…

Table Painting

Dave Pearson (1937-2008)

Dave Pearson was one of my tutors on the Manchester Art Foundation Course in the mid-80s. He taught in the Grosvenor Building, All Saints, from the mid-60s until…


Rafters vs Berlin

Rafters was a basement club in St James’ Buildings, Oxford Road (later called The Music Box.) The Rafters jazz-funk nights, DJ’d by Colin Curtis and John Grant from…


Craig Charles Funk & Soul

If you think this looks like fun then you’ll love the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club at Band On The Wall each month. However if, like me,…


Roy Ayers & Pete Rock BOTW

Roy Ayers Vibes and Voice Pete Rock Beats and Rhymes John Pressley Voice and Percussion Ray Gaskins Sax The Band On The Wall website said “…promises to be…


Berlin 80s Tuesday Nights

I don’t remember if this club night had a name! It was Hewan Clarke and Colin Curtis playing jazz-dance and soul, and when I discovered the night in…