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We Had Doubt

I first heard Prefab Sprout on Radio 1 late in the evening circa 1983, singing Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone). A wordy title for an oddly…


S.O.S. Style

Breakout has got to be one of the most perfect pop records to come out of Manchester… but because Swing Out Sister didn’t gig, I had no idea…


The Smiths 1983

The Smiths meant a great deal to me in 1983 for some reason… But what were they on about? What were they telling us thirty years ago? ‘This…


Faux Leopard vs Headless Woman

Throughout the 1980s, I admired second-hand fake “leopard-skin” coats very much but I never could find one which passed muster. There was always something not quite right; a…

Flyposters on Oldham Street, August 2012

Tweaked Kondratiev Cycle

Last month, this caught my eye outside Night & Day on Oldham Street… I thought: It looks like 1983! …black & white photos, the violinist’s short-back-and-sides and white…


Carmel Bad Day

By Geraldine This song was made in 1983 when the rockabilly look was all the rage – I tried to have this look but my hair would never…