Metal Hands:

Will it go down further again or creep up while we aren’t noticing?

and their adorable borscht-eating moppets make their way into the countryside and are soon ensconced in the immaculate rooms of Coco’s monochrome villa

social media for dentists:

By implanting the green fluorescent protein (GFP) into the bunny, he claimed the bunny as a piece of transgenic art, “art form based on the use of genetic engineering to transfer natural or synthetic genes to an organism.”

It is a perfect choice for those looking to own a professional ceramic curling iron.

有淘宝运费一个哲学上的命题,就是世界上发生的 的事情,其影响如何,取决于人们对它的反应。也就是说,即使我们无法把控这个世界,它也只能施予我们 的影响。我们是自己的主人。

Work by Chris Hassel has shown that the way that Ophelia is interrupted while sewing and reading is a parody of the annunciation to the Virgin Mary.

It’s also a nice way of hiding otherwise irreversible stains

“Jimmy’s continuing to improve,” Amendola said. “He’s learning the ways of the NFL.”

But for him there was simply no more time and no more room

And I was amazed that a 6-foot-tall woman would wear three-inch heels on a blind date!

I just waved the whip in front of him now and then, to let him know it was there

The only big decision England must make is over who bats at No 6 after Jonny Bairstow

I tell myself that each day when I’m caught behind every Leisurely Lucy on this dawdling campus

and Louise Redknapp is handing over a pair of very on-trend, three-tone Miu Miu ankle-strap peep-toes

Christina: A driven young woman focuses on good friends and professional success, while only dating charismatic losers

We’re all suffering from trench foot and some variety of blisters, ingrown toenails, dead toenails, and semi-permanent heat rash

In a writing class, I was reminded of the vitality of editing

That Split Second Of Fear When You Lean Back In Your Chair Too Far