Breeze began at the Old Steam Brewery on September 10th 1988 and ran on alternate Saturdays for about a year. Denton, the organiser and DJ, moved to London and that’s why the night stopped as far as I know.

Flyer for Saturday 19th November 1988

The music was similar to the jazz-dance played by Hewan Clarke and Colin Curtis on Tuesdays at the Berlin around 1986/87, but the vibe was very different; the Old Steam Brewery was close to the polytechnic so it was always full of students.

The Breeze night was held in the basement bar which had a tiled floor and pillars. It got very hot and sweaty down there when everyone was dancing, but the visual effect of the brick-walled, low-roofed interior filled with smoke and steam was very cool, like something from a sixties film.

Jon Lucien – Listen Love (Fast forward the first minute)

Back of flyer for Saturdays in early 1989

The Old Steam Brewery was newly opened in 1988, having been completely renovated – I can’t remember what it was before that.

The building is on York Street, off Grosvenor Street, very close to the Polytechnic All Saints campus. It has since been called McNallies and Scubar and is no longer open as far as I know.

Flyer for Tuesday 14th February 1989

Although I was a Breeze regular, I didn’t make it to their Valentine’s night at the New Ardri but I kept the flyer all these years because it was so nice. (Or maybe I did go and I just can’t remember!) I loved their Tintin flyers… they were eye-catching, apparently effortless and un-egotistical.

The New Ardri Ballroom was an Irish Club with a very nice wooden dance floor. It was much bigger than the Old Steam Brewery and therefore harder to fill. Although The New Ardri was in Hulme, it was very close to Oxford Road, just behind the Dental Hospital, so it wasn’t necessary to trek through Hulme in order to reach it.

These photos of The New Ardri are from and were taken in 1995.

The Old Steam Brewery was at 136 York Street, Manchester, M1 7XN.
The New Ardri Ballroom was at 85 Coupland Street, Hulme, M15 6HN.

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  1. I went to Breeze from Birmingham with the two Nicks and Stuart who djayed.

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