Henry Holland and Agyness Deyn famously left the Manchester area at the earliest possible opportunity… but their roots are still evident occasionally.

Here, Henry’s knitwear references the Man Alive, a famous local club which closed while he was still a teenager:

…well maybe!

The original House Of Holland was a very unglamourous hardware store, which I suppose is the point of the joke… it was a mail order outlet which advertised in the newspapers, as far as I remember. My dad bought this weird bendy ladder from them once which was supposed to double up as a climbing frame… only it wasn’t stable enough to be safe. Huge disappointment.

The present-day House Of Holland is counting down to London Fashion Week; the catwalk show is tomorrow – September 15th.

Meanwhile, Agyness Deyn is working closely with Dr Martens, which has recently opened a store on Market Street, having not had a Manchester shop for some years.

Dr Martens commissioned a mosaic by a local artist Mark Kennedy for the new store:

Dr Martens Manchester Mosaic by Mark Kennedy

In her latest promotional video for Dr Martens, Agyness seems keen to flex her regional accent… although the video content is rather dull and humourless by contrast with Henry Holland’s internet offerings. The soundtrack “Teenage Dream” sounds particulary incongruous (as Agyness approaches thirty.) A YouTube viewer has commented: “I want to see more boots and less stupid things…”

It will be interesting to watch Henry Holland and Agyness Deyn as they continue to adjust their images in line with the prevailing grass-roots vibe. Perhaps we will see more of them up here in the future? Or perhaps that would be pushing things too far…

Together, they remind me of a fashion version of Eurythmics! She – aloof, blonde and striking; he – more ordinary looking, less defined by personal visual image, with a sense of humour… which is perhaps more crucial in the fashion world than it is in music.

In the meantime, House Of Holland’s affordable, brightly-coloured tights work very well with Dr Martens footwear…