Stone Roses Comeback

The Stone Roses unexpectedly played their first gig in 16 years at Warrington’s Parr Hall yesterday evening. Entry was free. I suppose they need to warm up for the big gigs next month.

(Many thanks to the DJ Phil Beckett (Bop Local, BeatWolf) for the concert schedule pictures.)

I would expect news of this to take the shine off for those who have paid £50-plus to see them in Heaton Park. Having said that, anyone who’s spent that much on a ticket will have a vested interest in remaining positive, although fan Sean Waring sounds conflicted:

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Was stuck in some training session at work yesterday and didn’t find out about the gig until it was too late.
Gutted I missed this. Proper sinking feeling. Shit. Bollocks. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Bollocks. Shit. Fucking fuck.
I bet it was amazing. Seriously cannot believe I missed it.
Makes Heaton Park all the more exciting.
Big massive giant personally disappointed absolute Fuck! But at least the greatest, most real band in the world ever are definately back.
The world feels like a better place today.”

I intended to post Andy McQueen’s gig review from Debris Issue 16 (1987) to co-incide with the Heaton Park gig but I might as well publish it now:

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  1. Lynn H

    Fascinating flashback to ’87. Interesting to see Roses described in such glowng, shiny terms. Listening to them now the whole thing feels dark to me. Any reviews of the recent gig???

    • Hi Lynn – the links in the text lead to a couple of reviews… on the Louder Than War website and another I think in The Guardian… both glowing.

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