In 1994 and 1995, I laid out and typeset Flexi Magazine for Larry Benji, whose printing business APS produced many of the posters seen on the fly-posting pitches around Manchester.

The magazine was free and Larry produced it as a community project. Unfortunately I’ve only kept two issues from February and March of 1995. Here are some pages from the February issue:

Nayaba Aghedo was writing for the Manchester Evening News when she wrote this for Flexi:

Bizzy-B, Nelson & McKenley and Tuffys were all monthly contributors to Flexi:

Larry Benji occasionally wrote articles for Flexi. In one, which I no longer have, he went on a big rant about ‘rock’ and how it had wrecked the lives of various musicians. I thought he was talking about ‘rock music’ and I thought ‘What’s he on about?’ A few days later the penny dropped that he was talking about ‘rock’ as in ‘crack’.

Here are the music pages from the March issue:

APS Printers was situated on an industrial estate in Hulme; I think it was where Asda is now but if anyone has more accurate information, please let me know. Larry Benji was also a DJ on Sunset Radio (1989 – 1992.) Larry, if you see this, email me on

Bizzy-B still DJs on Unity Radio every Sunday from 10am-1pm.