The Ritz 80’s Monday Nights

By Geraldine

Sisters of Mercy – Alice

This song was probably the “gothiest” song played at The Ritz on Mondays and was incredibly atmospheric. The Ritz had a very varied clientele and so catered for goths, rockabillies, jazzy folk, electro fans, high energy… The best songs from each group were always played and it all made for a very enjoyable night out – with the added bonus of great chips and the beautiful decor.

Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Stop That Train

This song was always THE highlight of Mondays at The Ritz, as its bounciness went so well with the bouncy dance floor.
It was such an fantastic moment to hear the intro, springing onto the dance floor like your life depended on it. My little boy loves it now and can do a very convincing whistle sound to match the one in the song.

Divine – Shake It Up

This was another highlight of Monday nights that needs a springy dance floor to do it justice. I can’t imagine any modern club being so exciting! Is this excitement just a product of nostalgia or the state of the mind in the younger years or a genuine atmosphere that everyone might have felt because of the zeitgeist? What do you think?

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  1. Ralph Randell

    hey Mancky

    thought Id drop you a line and let you know I was the dj that set the monday nights up at the Ritz and then recruited John Gannon to help me and who eventually took over …those where good days musically werent they

    Thought you also might like to know that Im djing at Vintage in London on the Southbank on Saturday 30th July celebrating 60 years of music and fashion and that previously I set up the Legends thursday alternative night with Paul Rae ….enjoyed your site …lots of good memories there

    • Hi Ralph,
      Glad that you liked the article. I also loved going to Legends on Thursdays as well.
      It’s great that you’re still djing – the Vintage event sounds very exciting, as I’m mad on all things vintage.
      Best wishes,

  2. Becky Holford

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe someone is writing about this! I was one of those goths draping the stairs and glaring at the other goths! There was the banshee as well – what happened to that?! I loved the sprung dance floor and the sound it made when you were downstairs was amazing, you could always tell if something good was playing just from the sound of the floor above you. I seem to remember the price of getting in came with a free pint of very watery beer.

    • Yeah it was get in for a penny -or was it a pound ?- and get a free bottle of re labelled ahem Pils around 1986 to 88. Brilliant! Was telling my teenagers about it last week. Can’t have been a better Monday night to be had. Remember the anthemic
      Chameleons tracks……..Don’t Fall , Swamp Thing …. if you happened to be downstairs even the intros would cause the ceiling to move from everyone’s stomping. Getting sooh sooh nostalgic now…. amazing atmospheric times !

      • Ralph Randell Mayles

        Hi Cathy not sure about 86 till 88 but the original Pils promotion in 83 / 84 was original ….not re-labeled …I had to fight hard to get that deal …the managemnt ( Mecca leisure ) did a special “In for a Penny in for a Pint” promotion in other clubs around the country to get nights going on early week nights ( so called ‘Dead” nights) …..Trying to convince them that the Pils idea was good …it cost something like 4p a bottle more to buy than the cost of a pint of beer to buy ( and at first they rejected the idea …then I made a cut out flyer for the Pils Rep and they loved it …. and then it happened ….haha good times …..cheers Ralph

  3. Hi guys, does anyone have a copy of the original poster for MondY night at the Ritz? This was my mum and dads first date (1989/90) at a Monday night in the club and they’re now celebrating 25 years married!

  4. monday nights early for a free holsten pils…definitely genuine when I used to go ,cheers Ralph. ‘Sanctuary’ used to bust the boards too didn’t it.

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