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I was excited when this video was shot in Moss Side, because in 1983/84 I travelled through Moss Side every weekday on the 53 bus, going to and from Xaverian Sixth Form College in Victoria Park (Rusholme).

In the video, Carmel and her band drive around Moss Side (and Rusholme) on the back of a truck, before performing in the Claremont Pub on Claremont Road. I lived near the pub when I was a student in the late 80s, but I would never have gone in there in a million years… it was much too scarey!

I’ve always been fond of it though, because our dog was found there on Easter Sunday in 1979, having run away on the Good Friday; it was like a weird canine re-enactment of the Easter story. Someone in the Claremont Pub was kind enough to ring the phone number on his collar and we went down to collect him; consequently Easter Sunday did feel genuinely joyful that year.

I was inspired to go down and take some photographs today, as the pub still looks just as it did in 1984… on the outside anyway. Unfortunately I can’t report on the interior as I didn’t venture in!

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  1. What a brilliant video. I’ve watched about ten times in a row. I live near the Claremont pub and around here was cleaned up by the police a few years ago and is now very safe. It’s got a fair few students in the area and more and more arriving. Anyway, happy Easter (next year)
    PS. I don’t know what the inside of the pub looked like in 1983 but to me it looks like it hasn’t been touched since the stone age and smells that way LOL

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