I heard this track in clubs… specifically I remember hearing it at Black Rhythms at Manchester Poly. I found out the name of the band and the track by bugging the DJ at the Poly, Hewan Clarke.

This version was later released on an album called ‘Future Sounds of Jazz’ according to a YouTube post; it never occurred to me in 1986 that this was jazz. I didn’t know what genre it belonged to really… I probably categorized it in my own mind as UK, dance, electronic and alternative, i.e. non-chart.

400 Blows was the name of an obscure band in London. I didn’t understand at the time that the band was named after a French film, Les Quatre Cents Coups, by Francois Truffaut, made in 1959. I also had no idea that the track was a reworking of a song by Brass Construction, an American band, which charted in 1976. I had no idea who Brass Construction were!

Brass Construction – Movin’

Me and my brother went out and bought all the records we could find by 400 Blows, and there were only about 3 in the shops at the time. One of them was ‘For Jackie M’, which couldn’t be more different from ‘Movin’. It’s not a dance track… it’s not even a song. It’s very odd, but none-the-less compelling to listen to.

‘For Jackie M’ is an interview with Charles Manson, the convicted serial killer. 400 Blows added a few sound effects to the interview and released it as a record!