By Geraldine

I discovered The Fall when I went to see Michael Clark and his dancers performing in Manchester to a soundtrack by the group in 1984. The music and the dancing went together so perfectly – it was really great. I was spellbound.

Recently I became friends with Una Baines, and it turns out she was instrumental in forming The Fall. She was supposed to be the drummer in the band but couldn’t afford the kit, so played keyboard instead. It was amazing to discover that she was in the group at the very beginning; I met her because she is a friend of a friend and really interested in alternative medicine and enviromental issues but I didn’t know about her musical history. What a great sound The Fall have – imagine having helped to create it!

P.S. This bit is by Urs – The ticket is mine – me and Geraldine were both there separately. Here is an article I’ve found in City Life October 1984 about the event: