By Geraldine

Several years ago I was very disappointed to have missed a fly by at Manchester Airport by the A380. Instead of going to see the world’s largest plane, we went to my son’s school fair – very boring! Anyway, this time last year I was still kicking myself over it. But then in August my husband was browsing through a ‘Manchester Evening News’ that he found in town (we never buy it) and he noticed an article that announced that the A380 was going to be flying to Manchester from Dubai every day with Emirates – I was so excited!

So on the appointed day of its arrival we went to Ringway Road in Wythenshawe, which marks the perimeter of the airport runway. Providing that the wind is blowing from the south or west the planes come in over this road.

People come from all over the world to see this magnificent plane at such close range. It is a unique opportunity, as at most airports in Europe the airbus would be well within the airport itself before it was so low in the sky; however, at Manchester Airport the plane is incredibly low over the road before it passes over the barbed wire that separates the runway from the road.

It is so exciting to see its arched bird-like wings approaching and its huge engines and gigantic tail fin. Then when it thunders over your head, so close that you can wave to the pilots, it is too exciting for words, a great way to wake up in the morning – much better than a cup of coffee. Everyone who lives in Manchester should go to see it at least once.