Nikie a.k.a. Barberella has been cutting my hair since the late 1980s. She moved into her current premises in 1994 when Cafe Pop opened on Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter, although we didn’t call it the Northern Quarter in those days.

Cafe Pop was originally a vegetarian cafe with a funky antiques shop in the basement, which was where Nikie first had a space.

Now the premises is renamed Pop Boutique and the ground floor is devoted to second-hand and retro clothing. Barberella has moved up from the basement and is now at the back of the shop on the ground floor.

The Barberella barber shop is a lovely space: the walls are covered in Jane Fonda Barbarella prints and Top of the Pops compilation album covers from the 1970s. There are all kinds of kitsch barber shop objects displayed around the room and the music is always really cool.

The business is open on Mondays, and then from Wednesday through to Saturday, and the phone number is (0161) 236 7565. A Clipper & Trim costs around £15; a bit more for a Full Cut.

Barberella is very child friendly which is important for me because I always seem to have my kids in tow when I go there. There are comfy seats for the kids to sit on and Simpsons comics to keep them entertained.

The basement of the shop is still an Aladdin’s cave of 50s, 60s and 70s furniture, ceramics, glass and other household objects.

Pop Boutique now have shops in London, Leeds, Liverpool and Gothenburg in Sweden and their website is