Yargo – Carrying Mine – 1986

Can’t pay the rent
Got no job
Roof leaks bad
Some folk want me dead
Events they come
And days go by
People pray
While others cry
I’m so high
Coz she’s fine
My soul won’t die
Coz she’s fine
Carrying mine…

Yargo – Carrying Mine

I can’t be sure of all the lyrics in the next verse… or all of those above… but the sound of the vocals is so haunting… it doesn’t seem to matter that some of the words aren’t clear.

I bought this 7″ single in 1986 after I’d heard it a couple of times… on the radio I think, because it isn’t a club tune. The song was then released on the Bodybeat album in 1987, on the band’s own label. Other songs on the album were ‘Help’, ‘Cocaine’ and ‘Another Moss Side Night’.

I lived in Moss Side from 1986-87 and ‘Carrying Mine’ is very evocative of that time and place; our rent was too high, our ceiling fell in, my bedroom was unheated, and there was no tv, phone or washing machine – but nobody wanted me dead and I wasn’t expecting a baby… so life was good.

This is Chris and Liz chatting to the local kids outside our house on Acomb Street:

And this is me, Liz and Karen off out on a summer evening in 1987; again we’re in our front yard, but the camera is pointing the other way, towards Moss Lane.

Our clothes are second-hand or home-made with fabric from Bachers in town or Beech Road in Chorlton.

Yargo were Basil Clarke (vocals), Phil Kirby (drums) and Paddy Steer (bass guitar).

The record sleeve credits the following people:
Sleeve – Michael Pollard and Patricia Gaffney
Production – Chris Nagle
Saxophone – Herbie Bryan
Keyboards – Steve Hopkins

Sometime around 1991 I was chatting to my friends Lynn and Tony in their living room in Whalley Range; Yargo came up in conversation and I mentioned that I’d bought this record. They were amazed, because they had formed the co-operative Racket Records which put the single out! They had hundreds of these records lying around their house and I had actually gone out and bought one!

Here is the B-side:

Yargo – No Welcome

Racket Records (Workers Co-op) Ltd. also put out another record by The Blue Orchids, who were Una Baines and Martin Bramah; they were both founder-members of The Fall, as was my friend Tony.

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  1. You just solved the mystery of a white label 7inch that we’ve got kicking about. Think it’s a version of no welcome. Inherited from a cellar in old trafford.

    • hi calum – that’ll probably be my friends’ old house – they lived in Old Trafford before moving to Whalley Range!

  2. Lee Albert berry

    I seen these at the international 2 mani 89 ,still makes the hairs stand up,I can not seem to find cocane off the body beat album on you tube ,a fanatic album ,another mosside night is unbelievable ,never forget that night ,

  3. One of the organisers of Club Sandino’s was Gwil Stevenson, manager of Dislocation Dance. These posters were hand screen printed by Gwil in his cellar. When Yargo kicked off their set with ‘Missing you’, a slow, heartfelt cry of lost love, I was struck by just how un-Manchester they were. Listening to a tape of the show twenty years on, the sheer confidence of the band shines through. However, many numbers from that night never made it into the studio and onto vinyl. So surely the time is right for someone to delve into the vaults and pull out the demos and out-takes for a long-overdue Yargo retrospective?

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