I couldn’t afford or justify a £70+ ticket to see Prince last week but I didn’t want to ignore his visitation either… so here’s my friend’s account of the first Manchester gig on Friday Feb 21st:

A mad lottery for tickets? A three quarter of an hour queue in the rain? An airport style security check to get into the actual venue? It’s not always easy being a Prince fan.

But, yes, we’re in!

Despite the fact I’d thought of little else since buying the tickets the day before; when the godamn man himself strode on stage I couldn’t help myself blurt out “FUCKING HELL- ITS PRINCE!!!”

He kicked off with a blast with ‘Funk & Roll’ – a new tune does exactly what it says on the tin.

“That’s the soundcheck over with” he quipped before ripping into a selection of the most exciting tunes ever.

Rock? Yes! Pop? Yes! Funktastic epic guitar epics? Oh yes!

“Manchester! Do you like your rock and roll played… funky!” he asked us with a cheeky wink in his eye.

After a barnstorming opening salvo of new and obscure tunes he hit his back catalogue with funky vengeance: Sign O’ the times, Purple Rain, a grunged up version of Let’s Go Crazy and then I think a bit of my brain exploded when he played When Doves Cry.

He waved us goodbye before returning for the first of five encores. Showbiz? This man could teach even Bruce Forsyth a thing about showbiz.

Two and a half hours later, my feet are sore from dancing. Neither he or I seemed to want to be calling it a night.

Alas all good things come to an end. The lights came up. I gasped, got a taxi home and told my disinterested cats all about it.

I’ll sum it up in three words: Best. Gig. Ever.

- Fishkid