Carmel 1984

In January 1984, the second issue of City Life proclaimed the four great hopes of the Manchester music scene to be Carmel, The Smiths, The Fall and New Order.

Thirty years on, only Carmel is less well-known… and this seems a shame, given that the Manchester music scene can boast so few front-women.

I can’t help suspecting, though, that Carmel is now the coolest of all those showcased by City Life thirty years ago… precisely because she hasn’t been distorted into a parody of herself by years of media exposure and public posturing.

How anyone can continue to hold Morrissey in high esteem following the 1998 court case is a mystery. Meanwhile New Order’s financial and artistic fall-outs provide an on-going soap opera for anyone who can be bothered to stay tuned.



Seen side by side here, it suddenly becomes clear how much Morrissey and Mark E Smith have in common! A pair of contrary insufferable egotistical old hams!



The magazine cover incorrectly stated the year to be 1983…


Carmel lives locally again. I’m looking forward to seeing her play live later this year. Watch this space.

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  1. Shibboleth

    People the world over still hold Morrissey in high esteem, not because of the 1998 court case, but because he consistently produces intelligent music which is more honest and free from artifice than just about anyone else. Passion remain undulled and a lifeline. The fact Linder Mulvey / Stirling had much to play in the formation of who Morrissey is, and her wonderful jazz/punk fusion group Ludus should not be overlooked either.

    • Thanks Shibboleth – you’re right about Ludus – I was never into them and so don’t know much about them, which is why I’ve never written about them – but they do look very interesting.
      I love The Smiths and I don’t dispute the value of Morrissey’s work since (although I don’t like it much because it’s musically less interesting) but I was commenting on the person not his work. Actions speak louder than words, etc…

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