Manchester International Festival

Manchester International Festival (MIF) is like a bluebottle which lands on a cow’s head and poos before buzzing off across the field.

The cow (the city) may have dimly registered the bluebottle’s presence and possibly found it irritating.

Meanwhile the bluebottle pooed on only a tiny, tiny fraction of the cow.

* * * * * * * * * *

I’m just MIF-fed because I was too complacent / skint / busy with my kids’ end of term to get involved…

The pompous billboard adverts were a turn-off (brooding portraits of men from the telly looking over-serious and intellectual); the ticket prices were too high, and limited “cheap tickets” for local people were only an option if I was prepared to plead poverty, untruthfully… so I didn’t bother.

Then, as I stood in my kitchen last week, Radio 4’s Evan Davies and Mark Lawson reminded me that I was missing important stuff happening on my doorstep. They had travelled up from the capital to see Branagh’s Macbeth and The XX respectively. How apt it was… to be informed about local MIF events by London media day-trippers!

“Culture” for The Initiated (and The Wealthy) – that’s MIF.

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  1. Rebecca Taylor

    Just said much the same, but less poetically and humorously, in response to a MIF feedback request. Wish I’d read this first!

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