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Feeling Sheepish

I bought this ticket on a friend’s recommendation in 2012, but have since realised that I don’t like Alt-J. Not only is their sound very contrived, but their…



Henry Holland and Agyness Deyn famously left the Manchester area at the earliest possible opportunity… but their roots are still evident occasionally. Here, Henry’s knitwear references the Man…

Location of Plymouth Terrace, Sedgeborough Road, August 2012

Emmeline Pankhurst’s Birthplace: Alexandra Park Estate

In 1863, Slater’s Directory of Manchester and Salford listed Emmeline’s father, Robert Goulden, as head of the household at 8 Alpha Terrace on Sloane Street in Moss Side:…


A Tale Of Two Cities (Money’s Too Tight To Mention)

All we are hearing now are echoes from the musical explosions of the 20th century. Roger Eagle, 1994 Sit Down! Listen To This! is a book about the…

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WordPress: Co-founded in Stockport

This website is built using WordPress software, which can be downloaded free from When I started using WordPress last spring, I had no idea that it was…

Table Painting

Dave Pearson (1937-2008)

Dave Pearson was one of my tutors on the Manchester Art Foundation Course in the mid-80s. He taught in the Grosvenor Building, All Saints, from the mid-60s until…


Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

John and Ste Pickford are local computer games developers and entrepreneurs. Their game app Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint has been nominated for a BAFTA GAME British Academy Video Games…


Johann Kloos

Johann Kloos – Market Street “It’s a stream of ugly people coming towards you…” I first heard this song while I was photographing Hulme Hippodrome last November… Johann…

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Horse & Bamboo

In December 1984, while enrolled on Manchester Polytechnic’s Art Foundation Course, I spent a month working with Horse & Bamboo Theatre, along with half a dozen other students….



Persian was the principal DJ at The Reno in Moss Side from 1967-1983. Having recently DJ’d some Reno Revival Nights, he agreed to talk to me about his…

inside the time piece 11.11

Urban Explorer: Oldskool

Photographs by Manc Urban Explorer Oldskool. I stumbled across the work of Urban Explorers Critical Mass and Old Skool on Flickr when I was researching Hulme Hippodrome and…

Mayfield Station Entrance 12.09

Urban Explorer: Critical Mass

Photographs of Manchester by Critical Mass. All photographs reproduced with the kind permission of Critical Mass.