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When Ziggy played B&Q

A Defining Me contributor whom I didn’t mention in my previous post is Bill Mather, because I thought his subject deserved a post all to itself. I was…


Pankhurst In The Park

If Beetham Tower is a phallic landmark, then perhaps Alexandra Park is its yonic opposite. (I didn’t know the word “yonic” until I looked up “phallic opposite” just…


Weirdstone Of Brisingamen

The title still impresses me. I must have read Alan Garner’s first novel (published 1960) in the late seventies, by which time I was already a Tolkien/C.S.Lewis veteran….


Domestically Challenged

This month Word Of Warning flags up a series of small-scale performances called Domestic staged in an obscure local arts venue, Cooper House. “Sounds familiar” I thought when…


How Deep Is Your Love?

Barry Gibb visited my kids’ primary school yesterday… Oswald Road in Chorlton. He’s an ex-pupil. I’ve got 3 kids at the school but I only heard about the…

Falcon Eagle Sea Hawk 2013

Avian Cull

The Tamworth Estate tower blocks lie within the borough of Trafford, even though they share the east side of Chorlton Road (B5218) with Manchester’s Hulme, M15. Their ‘brutalist’…


Sankey Sump

When Sankey Soap opened in the mid-90s there was general excitement about this brave new venue popping up in Ancoats’ industrial hinterland. I was really impressed with the…

Owned by A Milner of Milner & Son

Affleck’s Palace: Don’t Dream It, Be It!

I first met Goths in 1982, although I probably thought they were “Punks” at the time… and maybe they did too. Their appearance was dramatic: pale faces, black…

July 2011

New Broadcasting House

The BBC began to consider proposals for a TV and radio headquarters in Manchester in 1953. In 1967, Manchester Corporation suggested the All Saints Oxford Road site and…

Hydes Brewery

150 Years Brewing in Moss Side

Hydes officially vacated Queen’s Brewery in Moss Side, this week, in order to move to a new premises in Salford on Kansas Avenue. The administration staff have moved…


Sparks @ The Ritz

It didn’t get off to a good start. Dave, Head of Security, wouldn’t allow my camera over the threshold, declaring its detachable lens “professional” according to Bouncer Law,…


One Day wonder[ment]

Hosted by Alexandra Arts, One Day Wonderment was an ambitious art and film event in Alexandra Park, on the borders of Whalley Range and Moss Side, on Sunday…